Saturday, 30 August 2014

Go Ape!

A few key facts about Go Ape

- Longest Zip Wire 120m
- Longest Crossing 32m
- Total Length 662.7m
- Number of Crossings 40 
- Highest Point 16m

Yesterday I went to an awesome outdoor adventure park known as Go Ape in Cockfosters. We booked our group ticket a week in advance. On arrival everything was sorted out fast, we gave our booking name, read the health & safety form and signed our lives away on the dotted line. 

We were then assigned to an instructor who gave us a safety briefing whilst attaching us to our safety harness. Our instructor was Darren, he was a good instructor with a funny sense of humour. When we began our escapade we conquered the first zip wire, even though it was such a short zip wire I was already getting nervous. This site was site 1 after completing the first activity all we could hear were people on the other sites shouting and squealing about 30 meters above us. At this stage our adrenaline was pumping ready to get onto bigger scarier activities.  

As we proceeded through the sites in the park the activities really began to push us onto the more difficult and higher activities such as flying through the air on a Tarzan Swing. At one stage I seemed to forget about the height I was at and really got into it finishing the adventure first. 

The view from the highest post of 16m was beautiful, luckily we had pleasant weather here in the UK, which made the adventure even more enjoyable.

The following day I was absolutely shattered.  Go Ape does push you both physically and mentally! The Tarzan Swing made me realise I really need to work on my upper body strength, my abs and shoulders were in aches and pains! 

Overall, brilliant experience!! I found my inner Gorilla at Go Ape as well as half of the Trent Park's wood chip reserves in my back pocket .. this was a reminder of how many times I landed on my bottom while coming down the zip wire. 

Have you been to Go Ape?
What outdoor adventure would you recommend? 

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