Monday, 19 January 2015

Rise & Shine it's Motivational Monday!!

Rise & Shine it's Motivational Monday!!
I love to start my morning off with a good ol’ motivating video, quote or book. Personally I find that I always need something motivating to kick me off to a smashing start, especially when I start to dwell on stuff to much. 

Today's Motivation Monday is about finding the good in bad situations. 

 "when it rains look for rainbows. When it's dark look for stars."
 I've been through some bad situations in life but that's life at the end of the day, nothings going to go smoothly, they'll be some bumps in the road to every successful journey. 
However, just because we stumble upon these situations doesn't mean we should sit and stay miserable. In order to focus we all need to give ourselves a spiritual smackdown. 
*KO!* Like, seriously!!
The worst thing we can do in a negative situation is keep beating ourselves up about the reasons why it didn't work. Instead we need to push all that energy into why it will!
We need to look for the positives in a situation. The key component here is to completely transform our state of mind, our ability to look on the bright side and move ahead (re-motivate ourselves).
I found that in the past when I am in a crappy negative situation, I made decisions without thinking it through.. Now, I consider what is the true essence of my situation? How can I change it? What positives can I draw from this moving forward?
A positive attitude is a choice if you develop this habit. Also, remember there will always be a small star or light rainbow in any given situation!
Have a smashing week!! 
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