Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bloggers Gifting Lounge - Hoxton

Yesterday, myself,  Heather (100waysto30) and Arjumand attended the Bloggers Love London Fashion Week Gifting Lounge. This was a Gossip Girl themed event, everyone was fabulously dressed, the event had many brands with beautiful products, promoting and gifting items to specific bloggers to review and heighten public awareness of their upcoming brand. 

One brand that stood out to me was Nardia Minkoff's jewellery and accessorises. Nadia Minkoff's handbags are all made from real leather, they have a variety of styles and colours such as an oversized tan clutch to a small structured purse. Anyone who loves glamour will love these accessories - check them out!! 

Ikrush also caught my eye, they had a beautiful collection on show. From their collection on show, the one piece that caught my eye was a floral jumpsuit. Normally, I like dark colours but this jumpsuit was just gorgeous. Take a look at Ikrush's website they have a great collection of vibrant, textured clothes and accessories. 

A popular previously attended brand was Louise Mcleod. They are a fairly new jewellery brand that launched at the London Fashion Week. The jewellery that was showcased consisted of vibrant styles and designs very bohemian like, they had long gorgeous necklaces on show that were showcased on a prominent spiral stand. The idea behind their jewellery is that these items can be playfully worn on tropical destinations and beach travels. 

City Swish was also an attendee they had a nail bar set up at the entrance of  the bloggers event. They were offering bloggers to get their nails done. The therapists at City Swish had done a fantastic job with the long queue that they had, they were very fast and lovely to meet. 

There were quite a few other brands we couldn't get the chance to speak to as the event was very packed with so many bloggers in such a small space but overall we had a good night.

Thank you Bloggers Love for having us! Looking forward to future events. 

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