Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bloggers Love Fashion Week

So its less than a week till I attend The Bloggers Love Fashion Week, this is an event held by a company called bloggerslove. This will be my first ever event, I’m so excited to be attending and meeting some awesome bloggers.

So for this Bloggers Fashion Week the dress code is to take inspiration from your favourite Gossip girl character. This is a pretty fun dress code because during high school my best friend got me hooked to Gossip Girl, ever since that day i had been obsessed with the NYC setting, characters and the fashion. 

Its so hard to choose one favourite character because you love and hate all of them at certain times. But in terms of fashion and personality  I see myself as.. well i’d have to say Blair Waldorf. Her sassy personality and her serious yet humourous wisdom screams me in all directions. *LOL.. no seriously it does* 

Blair’s fashion style is sophisticated and ladylike, no matter what event she’s always on point. Her signature style is of course her trademark headband, although I never ever wear headbands I may just experiment or compensate by layering on Norenzo jewellery. 

Blair Outfit Inspiration - H&M
Ahhh and not forgetting her fellow charmer Mr Chuck Bass ...Now if you don’t know Chuck.. WOW! Haha! Where have you been?! Chuck is the definition of a well-dressed man. Goes to show he may be a royal pain sometimes BUT the right suit can change one’s perception. Here’s a picture, does this make you want to head over to Netflix and watch a few episodes :P 

Have you heard of #BLFW before? Have you been?
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