Monday, 23 February 2015

Review: 50 Shades of Grey

So I'm one of those people who have read the books and although it maybe poorly written, I couldn't put it down, obviously since the trailer came out I've wanted to see the movie. The film really has no complicated script, no fancy acting, yes it does contain scenes of nudity but if your mature enough you'll get over it. 

But I don't see what everyone's problem is.. Granted this is not your average love story. I do feel like there are some elements that do feature in some everyday relationships, such as the way the main characters interact with one another outside the bedroom antics. 

In my opinion, 50 shades of Grey can be considered as a romance, the film is in fact about two different desires and passions and yet they boil down to wanting the same thing at the end. Grey has a different sexual desire than most men, who was abused as a child and is now quite proud of what he has become and sees nothing wrong with it, confessing himself that he doesn't do 'hearts & flowers' ..That's until he meets Miss Steele, the only woman who manages to crack his fortress. 

The movie is a roller-coaster of emotions, decisions, psychological struggle and compromises for both as they love each other but can't find a common ground because none of them want to completely give in.

I don't understand where there is so much controversy/complaints about this movie.. Clearly it was consensual between both parties. I felt that the film followed the book well managing to stay with the story line of the book, and it managed to follow the story line well, although I felt the movie did finish a little sooner than desired.. Oh well atleast the cliff hanger has opened itself up to a compulsory sequel Smirking faceClapping hands sign
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