Friday, 6 February 2015

Weird but Wonderful: World Nutella Day 2015

All you
chocoholics listen up, it's World Nutella Day

So today i took a trip to my local  Starbucks to study and catch up with some reading, Thats when i found out that there was such a day as 'World Nutella Day' Quickly hopped on google to see if this was even a real thing! Honestly, it is kinda weird! Right? 

Today I was reading an article in the telegraph - '5 surprising things you can do with Nutella spread' ..  I, for one love chocolate, but I wouldn't experiment with Nutella the way that the telegraph is suggesting. Like a Nutella burger is just too much sugar, a total overload. 

However putting Nutella on pancakes,bread,biscuits and dipping strawberry in Nutella or just simply licking Nutella off a spoon is my ideal ways of consuming this little piece of heaven!

Today means eat as much Nutella as you want without feeling guilty, I know I did.. Considerate it cheat day!

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