Monday, 30 March 2015

Bloggers Event Ft. Norenzo

I know this post comes a bit late but I only found some time now to write this one up with all the stress of my dissertation, finally a quick moment to update you all.

Last week on Wednesday I attended The Bloggers Fashion Week Gifting Lounge Event, an exciting fun packed evening of networking, fashion shows, beauty brands and fashion brands. I attended the Bloggers Fashion Event with my brand Norenzo, I was surprised that there were quite an array of brands in attendance, more the merrier as they say.

I reached the event in Whitechapel by 5:30pm giving me half an hour to set up Norenzo, as a brand I had a nice small set up to showcase my work. As it was a gifting event I prepared 12 gift bags which I gifted to fantastic bloggers/youtubers that I got talking to whom really showed a keen interest in my products. Thus, looking forward to reading their reviews' of the products gifted them! This was my first proper networking event to show off my brand, it  was great to receive so much support from people giving me motivation to keep at it and not give up! 

So as soon as the doors opened for the event at 6pm the room was full of bloggers and VIB, I was really glad to see the outcome of so many bloggers in attendance. It was great to meet new bloggers, as well as familiar faces from youtube. It became a little manic with the over flow but it was lovely to network with a range of individuals. It was funny that everytime I was about to turn around and get myself a drink a new group of people would come along for a chit chat and it was great, I didn't want to leave and miss the opportunity of meeting everyone. 

A massive, Thank You goes to Danielle from Bloggers Love who organised the whole thing - so much thought and effort had been put into BLFW. It was a awesome experience and I cannot wait for the next one.

Thanks for reading! 
Have you been to a blogging event in general? How did you like it?
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