Monday, 25 May 2015

Review: Poltergeist

On Saturday, I went to watch the Poltergeist in cinema, the late screening at 11:40pm. As a avid lover of horror movies let me just say when I saw the trailer for this film I was excited to add another scary movie to the list, the trailer made the film look frightening yet exciting.. BUT it failed in a few aspects for me!!

*Spoiler Alert*
This film begins with a set scene of a recently laid-off family moving to a suburban home, that was built upon a cemetery. Their home is haunted by evil supernatural spirits. The movie scenes bring together the family to save the youngest child through which the scared little boy 'son' redeems himself by becoming a hero thus saving his little sister who had been captured by supernatural spirits. 

Firstly I did not know that The Poltergeist was a remake of the most popular 1982 version directed by Tobe Hooper, so having not seen the original I had high expectations of this so called 'horror' movie. However this movie did not live up to my expectations at all, I was anticipating a scary movie much like The Conjuring (definitely worth a watch if you love Horror) but was pretty much disappointed by the Poltergeist.The acting was decent, I just felt that the storyline was not the most exciting even as a remake. But at the end of the day it is only my opinion.

In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy a scary horror this won't do it for you... Infact some of the scenes will make you chuckle a little now and then, but it won't give you that horror experience of jumping out of you seat sadly. 

Any horror movie recommendations??


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