Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Last month was an event of shoes, shoes glorious shoes. One thing about me is that I LOVE shoes! So this event was just awesome! I mean what girl doesn’t love shoes? 

Last month my best friend Heather won an invitation to the NEXT Shoebox Jukebox Event to showcase all their fabulous footwear for the new season. My best bud took me as her plus one!! How honoured I am only she knows! Lucky for us, Next gave us a free pair of shoes from their collection to wear to their event. With the selection that NEXT has to offer it was so hard to pick just one. 

On the way to the event I was rocking out my stunning next Black Lace-Up ShoesWhen we had reached the venue in Shoreditch I started to get butterflies in my stomach, at any event the nerves get the better of me. Upon entrance we were welcomed with delicious cocktails, adorable entrees and lots of drooling over shoes. It was the perfect break I needed from the hustle and bustle of my final law exams. 

The venue was so glamorous  the playlist was on point and there were lots of recognisable bloggers that I'd seen from twitter and youtube way to make me even more nervous. All in all it was a great event to network. After a drink or two all my fears of stuttering when I talk, nervous laughter and the fear of tripping in my beautiful heels had all disappeared and the event went wonderfully. 

I paired my Next lace up heels with smart dark green Dorothy Perkins trousers, H&M Black Lace top and my jewellery was from Pilgrim and Norenzo.

The venue had design stations to keep you busy and get you socialising with others at the event. There were stations to get you manicure done, guess the shoe size correctly to win a pair and a station to decorate your own pair of white next trainers (featured in next blog post). 

A truly great Friday evening spent with my best bud. As for the Next new season fashion I guess it's safe to say... Bye Bye Bank Balance!!! 


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