Friday, 26 June 2015

Nothing like a well dressed man: Chuck Bass Edition

Nothing like a well dressed man: Chuck Bass Edition

I love menswear just as much as I love womenswear. I don't know about you but I can’t get enough of the men who take a little pride in what they wear. I know it's not right to base a persons character on the outfit they wear ..but com'on it is your first impression of them.. Pretty important I think! 

As always I was watching Gossip Girl and a certain character kept popping up ... Yes, you must have guessed it, the one the only Chuck Bass. 

I just simply fall in love with his character every time  not only because he's the bad boy extraordinaire and possibly the biggest d-bag you've even seen. But his fashion, his confidence and his attitude. Firstly, his style has become one of the greatest style of men in the TV Show's history. The colour combinations are so brave sometimes! Seeing Chuck suited and booted most of the seasons just made you like him even more adds that assertive and pompous trait to his character.

Talking about pompous, he does put a lot into his grand gestures, the way he walks with that stride knowing everyone has their eyes on him. Chuck and Blair both deeply in love, his small gestures, the way he talked to Blair undoubtedly showed us that he will protect her. N'aww I need to find myself a Chuck Bass! 

Can you believe Gossip Girl ended in 2012! :'( Thanks to Netflix I still get to re-watch it, one show that never gets old.

Have you watched Gossip Girl? Who's your favourite character? 


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