Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Thing's I miss about University Life

With university over and job hunting beginning the concept of student life being over is slowly becoming real, especially with graduation round the corner, I've found myself becoming nostalgic about student life. Since nostalgia has kicked in here's a few thing's I miss about university life..

1) Lectures ..haha NOT! 

Although I will miss being in bed at 9am knowing that I'm missing my Law lecture and not worrying about being fired or being given a warning. Unlike in the 'real world' if I decide to stay in bed instead of being at my office desk by 9am.. then i guess there's going to be problems. Time to invest in an alarm clock with no snooze buttons. Unless I start focusing on my business Norenzo and treat it as a full time project then maybe I won't need to work for others.. you never know what the future hold!

2) Four month summers 

Being a student can feel like a full time job but in the end of all the hard work you are rewarded with a four month holiday.. FOUR MONTHS. So I'm learning that the real world is not so kind as to follow in these glorious footsteps.. No, instead they offer a something close to FOUR 'weeks'  

3) Student discounts 

Goodbye student ID card and student oyster, come August I will be an 'adult .. Like what is that?! Uni days, all those clothing discounts, basically a reason to go shopping unnecessarily to use the discounts. Being a cash strapped student trust me you appreciate the two-for-one deals and 10% off promotions.

4) Living out  

I will not forget the years my best friend Heather, living out at Liberty Court. Sometimes it felt like I was living out, best memories spending part of university life bunking with my best friend and sharing all the wild memories. Being a student at university any day of the week there was always an excuse to have a party.. House parties, birthday parties, cheering up parties, just add 'party' at the end of any phrase. Those wild nights of spontaneous decisions to go out and meet up with friends. Stumbling back at 5am not worrying about life and just 'sleeping it off'

5) Friends *..cue sad music*

Jokes aside I will miss the group of friends a.k.a 'law ting fams' that i made at university, It's easy to say we will keep in touch and meet up as often as possible but in reality we are all so busy in our own day to day lives and soon will go our separate ways. I'm sure we will do our best to keep in touch but university represents an end of an era so what the future holds I look forward to exploring.

If you had the chance to go back to any moment in your life, would you? Why?

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