Sunday, 9 August 2015


"Take good care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

Taking good care of ourselves and maintaining a physically fit lifestyle isn't always easy especially for people who are working full time. We often tend to get caught up with busy daily activities and neglect the one most important thing .. ourselves. We deprive ourselves of much needed rest, recently I've been burning both ends of the candle trying to juggle everything that needs to be sorted from work to family down to friends.

Last year me and my best bud decided we were going to book 'run to the beat' 10K marathon for September 2015 *which is literally around the corner now*.. So at the start of this year I've been trying.. emphasis on 'trying', to become fit and healthy. When I'm exercising I feel like a sweaty mess, pretty sure I'm not on my own here. I take off my make up so my skin can breathe plus I don't want my eyeliner running down my face giving me panda eyes. It's not halloween yet, wouldn't want to be scaring my neighbours off. 

When I was living in London I had a running buddy, it was very fun! But since moving I'm on my own because a) I can't seem to find a running buddy in my new area..yet! b) my brothers are too lazy to join me. However, I've found it to be quite therapeutic just being able to have that time alone to think and explore my surroundings, its quite peaceful. 

When I first thought of getting fit and healthy, obviously my first thought was footwear. For someone that never really wore trainers or flats, wearing trainers was kind of exciting.. down ask me why! At the bottom of my shoe box I had a pair of Green Nike trainers that I used to hate once upon a time. Digging them up after two years I realised ..hey these are pretty snazzy.. certainly took me a while to appreciate my dad's choice in footwear! 

Exercise is exercise at the end of the day, I don't care who see's me sweating because I know I'm working hard but even when exercising I do like to look the part for myself. For me personally I feel like having the right gear is important.. you want to feel comfortable, motivated and confident. Initially, I had no sports clothes to start off with - didn't own any joggers. So I borrowed my brothers joggers and threw on a tee-shirt but didn't feel comfortable. After a little research and online shopping it wasn't long till i ordered something a little more me.. buying tighter, better quality clothes I felt has improved my performance as well as my confidence. I understand why others may prefer looser clothing but when something hugs me in all the right places and I see my lumps and bumps or whatever, it just pushes me to work a little more harder. 

Why not head over to NikeAdidas, JD sports and spruce up your gear! 

Have you/Are you participating in Run to the Beat?
Do you have any tips for new runners? 

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