Sunday, 20 September 2015


Last weekend after many months of anticipation race day arrived, I headed down to Wembley Park for the 'Sure Run to the Beat Wembley 10k Marathon' 

Every year I always say I want to run a marathon but I never actually get round to doing one. But for 2015 one of my 'things to do' was a marathon so I decided to just book it with the mindset of becoming healthy and fit. When I booked it I made a plan that I'll run often, eat healthy and just strengthen my core... For quite a few months I did really well, I felt great but then my final Law  exams kicked in at University and I went down hill with keeping fit/healthy. However, after my core exams were over I told myself I have to get back into routine or else I'll just lose all the motivation. So I started running twice a week and whenever I could on weekends - getting back into some sort of routine made me less stressed and just feeling quite happy in my own skin.

Two days before the marathon ...
...I was on the verge of backing out of the marathon because I felt so underprepared and having started a new job, I was exhausted from that busy week in the City, the last thing on my mind was having to run a 10k. But after a pep talk from my running bud, she very kindly kicked some sense into me. She encouraged me not to give up and advised to avoid going out too hard in the beginning. We agreed to start of slow - pace ourselves till around 3k then build up our pace, then tone it down again - safe to say it worked! 

The impossible became the possible - after 90 minutes I completed the 10k.

 I'm not going to lie and say it was easy.. no, it was hard for me but the feeling at the end of the 10K made it all worth while and I'm not talking about the feeling of pain but the feeling of accomplishing something you've wanted to do. 

The marathon distance was daunting, I thought I had sufficient training but when the day came I realised that I was lacking in training let alone experience. 

After the race my day was a blur, I got Lebanese take out, sat on the sofa and before I could even go on social media I was knocked out, rolled into a little ball like a kitten and had a well earned mega nap.

The next few days my legs were aching me, climbing up and down the stairs at the train station was a killer. I'm only to be blamed because I guess I didn't stretch as much and as well as I should have before/after the race. *Lesson Learn't* But now after this experience I am all prepared for my next marathon soon!

Did it change my life? No. 
Did it make me a better runner? Kinda, I'd like to think so.
Was it worth all the pain in the end? Yes! - at the end of the day it's an experience, I didn't think I'd be able to complete it, a lot of negativity but when you put your mind to it, you can make the impossible possible <3 

Have you ever run a marathon? Do you have tips for the day?

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