Friday, 13 November 2015

The perfect BBQ

In the UK when the sun starts shining, in my house it can only mean - BBQ time. BBQ's are a pretty exciting time, it's like food therapy. I love love love a BBQ especially when people come over, it's just great fun. Compared to beans on toast, kebabs and spicy marinated chickens, lemon & chilli corn on cob is a feast on my eyes! *Mhmmm, finger licking' goodness*

As for my outfit, I'm pretty much leaning towards a very simple style, can't go wrong with a back tee shirt, blue jeans and suede black sandals. As much as style is important, comfort is key when it comes to BBQ's and for the jeans had to make sure they were stretchy.. Can't stop at just one chilli & lemon corn on the cob now, can me! ! With such a simple look, just to jazz it up a little blue gem stone necklace to compete my look.

What recipes do you have for a spectacular BBQ? 
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