Sunday, 20 December 2015

#BloggersXmas 2015

Oh golly gosh.. we are coming towards the end of the month and it's been so busy, I’ve been meaning to write up this blog post after the BloggersXmas event, but life just has one thing after another going on. 

Anyways I'm here now, let me tell you all about Saturday 5th December 2015. The lovely Jasmine & Kirsty of Soeurs De Luxe invited me along with other bloggers to #BloggersXmas, this was held at Finch’s Pub a short walk from Moorgate station.

Upon arrival we were gifted a cute personalised keyring from Aloha Lola Cards, which had a caricature taken from our twitter profile image. This added a  thoughtful personal touch to the event. Along with this we were also given a detailed event guide outlining all the brands, sponsors and competitions to enter throughout the day. 

Sours De Luxe did a great job in organising this event, the event setting was relaxing, very christmassy decorated with twinkly lights. The bar was open with mulled wine and nibbles as well as a sweets table propped up near the front in cute jars. 

I spoke to every brand I possibly could and made some great new contacts whilst moving round the room. As i went around the room, it really made me think about how much blogging has influenced my life in terms of my confidence and how fortunate I am to have had so many great experiences. 

Aroma Cake Boutique's brand really stood out to me not only because its a sweet treat and you know I can't resist anything sweet, but the innovative idea behind the flavour combination of mixing asian spices with a standard cupcake flavour. At the event there was a selection of different flavours; chai masala & rose, pistachio & Lemon-rose drizzle and coconut & cardamon. I recommend the chai masala & rose cupcake, the mix of flavours was absolutely delicious and to top it off the icing was so velvety smooth.

For a few months now I've started drinking Green tea opposed to coffee and tea. T Plus Wellness Drinks caught my eye at the event, one because it was simply green tea and two because of the added goodness of natural fruits and herbs with the added vitamins. I tasted the T+Detox Drink, the green tea flavour comes through with a hint of the sweetness coming from the blackcurrant fruit. This flavour wasn't overwhelming but consisted of the right balance of sweetness. Can't wait to try the other beautiful blends of these green teas! 

Thank you Soeurs de Luxe for putting on such a lovely first event. Looking forward to many more future events.

Have you attended any christmas events this month? I'd love to hear about them! 

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