Monday, 7 December 2015

Perfect Invention.. Little Ondine

Hey Guys! I've got an interesting product to share with you today...
What if i told you theres a nail polish that; dries quickly, peels off without acetone and doesn't have a strong nail polish scent that has your head spinning...

Well be alarmed because this perfect invention is real and its called Little Ondine

I love wearing nail polish, makes my nails look uber chic and pretty - but I don't have patience to wait for it to dry and sometimes the nail polishes have such a toxic scent. Recently at an event I was introduced to this lovely brand 'Little Ondine' and simply fell in love with this quick and mess free product. 

I've worn Little Ondine in Back to Black several times, and kept it on for around three days and it was still in tact - all i had to do was loosen the edges and peel them off when I wanted to change my nail colour. 

The drying time, is so fast.. once I apply this lovely streak free formula within minutes it's dry - the only key point is once you apply this polish, stay away from water for at least 3 hours - this means no washing up, no swimming, no hot showers. I always apply this polish before bed, so that by morning its perfect and neat. 

Can't go wrong with Back to Black, the colour is very well pigmented and perfect for this season. I love the fact that they peel off so no need to grab cotton balls, remover and sit near an open window. I don't know why but its rather satisfying to peel off the nail polish in one simple lift and pull movement. The great thing is that your nails remain intact and no nail polish residue is left over.

Over all I would definitely recommend this product for those on the go, quick and easy way to change up your nail colour without any fuss!!

Would love to try the other colours Little Ondine has to offer! 
What are your thoughts on this this brand?

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