Sunday, 7 February 2016

What's In My Handbag // Travel Edition

The holiday I have been looking forward to since last year has finally arrived - I'm heading off to Dubai for a week with my family. I packed my suitcase and as I got on to packing my handbag with a few essentials I thought now might me a good time to share my checklist. 
Before I go any further - just want to say a big THANK YOU to LYDC for this stunning Faux Fur Handbag. *I won this bag on a twitter competition during christmas*

Snakeskin Notebook because no electronic can substitute the feeling of writing in a journal. Sometimes I just have so many thought in my head I need to jot them down. Plus I like to think mid air, I might get loads of ideas for my blog. 
Bobmarley headphones ..because sometimes you want to listen to Justin Bieber and drift off into your own little music video - that and music relaxes me so can't go wrong with these headphones. Plus this is on par with the beats headphones

Apple iPhone ...absolute necessity ..nothing further.
MacBook Air LaptopSuper thin and light. I always take my laptop with me. Draft blog posts whenever I can. Two reasons it's just not safe in the suitcase and secondly gives me time to blog. 
Passport/Oliver bonas wallet.. no brainer ..if I forget this then I can forget my holiday. 
Selfie stick - you never really know when you might want to take a quick group selfie or a video.
Naraya make up bag - I don't carry heaps of make up, but as my skin gets really dry when I fly, I carry face/hand cream.  Also for when I land I carry bronzer and liner to freshen my face up, so I don't look like a zombie.
Shawl/Scarf - Any weather, Any place - I always feel the need to carry a shawl with me. 
Dorothy Perkins Sunglasses ..well I need these so I can hide my eye bags and last nights dry mascara from the world and feel like Victoria Beckham 
*lol - I do love her style*
Carmax Lipbalm/ MaxFactor lipstick/Olay - My all time lip poison is Carmex, can't live without it! Everyone knows that flying dries out your skin and lips. So this is one of my essentials plus it's so small and compact, takes up no space at all. Maxfactor's 'burnt caramel' lipstick is a subtle pinky natural colour great for a hint of colour on a bare face.

So there you have it - my basic essentials. What do you take on your getaways? Let me know in the comments below.


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