I've been to Dubai a few times with my family and I can say without a doubt it's a beautiful city! Sometimes it's quite easy to forget that Dubai was once just an empty desert that has been built upon with skyscrapers, hotels, palaces and a beautiful dancing fountain.

I cannot tell you how excited me and my brothers were to finally go to desert safari in Dubai. Back in 2011 we booked desert safari and the night before it rained so heavy that it was sadly cancelled..but hey-ho at least we finally got to go this time.

The Desert Safari tour company picked us up from our hotel and drove us one hour away into the desert, once we arrived the driver deflated the tires and told us to buckle up so the dune bashing could commence. For the next 15-20 minutes out driver gave us such a thrilling ride around the desert’s sand dunes. Safe to say no one was sick during this ride! 

After dune bashing we were then driven to the desert camp where we had camel riding, horse riding, quad biking, shisha, henna artists, dinner, drinks and live entertainment. 
When I was planning what to wear, I couldnt get my head around the fact that it was 'winter' in Dubai. I'm so used to going to Dubai in the hot summer, I couldn't work out what to wear... will it get warm? will i freeze? should i wear a dress or leggings? Finally, after pondering I went for patterned leggings and a black chiffon top. I took my trusted French Connection denim jacket because even for my thick skin I was feeling the chills in Dubai. 
After the event around 9:30pm our driver picked us up again and dropped us back to our hotel - where we crashed out and fell asleep like babies. 
The whole experience from start to finish was amzing. You've not experienced Dubai completely unless you have completed the desert safari experience. 
Have you been to Dubai? 
What are your favourite holiday activities? 

The Girl in The City