I've been having withdrawal symptoms recently about going on holiday. Earlier in the year I went to Dubai with my family and thinking about it makes me want to go away again!  - even though the weather in the UK has perked up to 28 degrees, how long will it last is the question! 

So as I thought I'd share with you my Emirates business class experience. 

Let's face it, no-one likes to travel economy class, and in my opinion Emirates Business Class onboard the A380 was worth every penny for the experience. 

Also as part of the package they provided a complimentary Chauffeur for the airport transfers in a lovely Mercedes, no fussing around for a taxi or parking space.

Business Lounge: 
A short walk through terminal 3 is a well equipped lounge.  Surrounded by greenery, buffet, arcade, reclining chairs for a quick snooze and lots of comfy leather seats. Within the lounge the floor to ceiling windows offers clear views of the airport terminals, duty free and the plane runway. 

The drinks stations are well stocked from a costa bar to an alcohol bar, perfect drinks to calm those flying nerves. There was an extensive range of  snack and dinner items on offer from breakfast, rice & curry, pastry station, dessert station, fruits and nuts - so much to choose from and to think on the flight I still had dinner that was going to be served.  
On-board Emirates A380:

Already I was impressed with everything at floor level but once I got on the plane it got even better. Within seconds of getting to my seat I was introduced to my air hostess, offered a drink and provided with a menu for dinner and breakfast. 

Once I got settled in the air hostess provided me with a bed that sits on top of my seat, explained where everything is and  given a Bvlgari amenity kit. By then, I had settled in nicely and was looking forward to watch Tom Hardy in Legend on the decent sized TV screen.

All seats have aisle access so you don't need to climb over the person next to you to get out. Seats were really comfy especially when reclined into a bed. Next to my seat was a side table completed with a mini-bar, iPad like TV screen, lamp and controls. 
As I had taken a night flight I was given dinner and breakfast. Even after eating in the business lounge i still had space for the tasty shepherds pie and the english breakfast!

Overall, my Emirates A380 business class experience was fantastic. If I had the choice, I would fly business class again.

The girl in the city