Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Five Bad Beauty Habits

So I wouldn't consider myself to be a beauty blogger dishing out top tips and ticks. However, everyone does have a few bad habits whether they like to admit it or not. I've got a few habits that I keep telling myself I'll change but I'm just guilty of falling back into these habits.

1. Playing with my hair - Im guilty to a little hair twirl/ hair flick. I mean who isn't, *cute boy alert.. let me just twirl my hair seductively* haha.. but in all seriousness its a bad habit because it makes my hair oily quicker and more vulnerable to breakage. 

2. Pumping my mascara - I know the mascara wand should be swirled and not pumped so it doesn't get clumpy. But when I'm in a rush I just feel like pumping my mascara is so much quicker but get ruined quicker too. 


3. Not removing my make up - when it's been a long night sometimes I just fall asleep on the sofa and sometimes never care to remove my make up. So I wake up with panda eyes in the morning because I don't remove my eyeliner and mascara. It's really important for our skin to breathe and heal at night, so our make up don't black our pores and cause problems.


4. Forgetting to use heat protector - My hair is genuinely quite silky *touch wood* so its good that I don't need to use a load of products. However, when I do forget to use heat protector I end up with damaged split ends. 

5. Waiting way to long to get a haircut - Following on from bad beauty habit 4, as I tend to not use heat protector, regular trims is a must. It would prepare the damage from using a hair straightener everyday and keep my hair healthy and strong.

So i've told you my bad beauty habits.. what are yours?

the girl in the city xox
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