I was delighted to be invited to #Acne101 event last week, at the multi-award winning dermatology clinic Eudelo. This event was hosted by leading dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams and the beautiful blogger Em Ford from My Pale Skin. 
During the evening, we busted the myths and revealed the truth about treating acne with a live Q&A from the leading and world-renowned dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, who has years of experience treating acne and the lovely Em Ford. 
At Eudelo I visited the acne association stations and had a digital skin analysis completed. This was done using a high-tech facial scanning device, which measured and analysed my skin. The machine tested my face for sun damage, redness in the skin (for example redress caused by broken blood vessels) and pigmentation. 

Approximately 90% of teenagers suffer from acne be it mild or severe. People who suffer from acne also tend to suffer from stress, embarrassment and even depression. We need to remember that nobody needs to suffer with acne, acne isn't a rite of passage and by treating acne early you avoid scarring. Acne scarring can only be treated, once all the active acne has been cleared. There are a lot of natural remedies to relieve acne but for acne to be treated fast and efficiently, it needs a prescription treatment. 
So why not take control of your acne and visit Eudelo Dermatology Clinic for their vast selection of skin analysis, treatments and personalised skincare regimes. 
I stopped by The Colour-Matching Station – to meet and discuss acne concealing tips with the celebrity MUA Scarlett Burton and test Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation. Scarlett was so lovely talking me through tips to help my skin, although I suffer from some skin discolouration due to eczema, she was still able to find me a perfect shade in 'almond'. Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation is really great for full coverage, feels light and the best part is, it's long lasting!!
Em Ford & Dr Stefanie Williams at Eudelo Dermatology & Skin Wellbeing Clinic in Vauxhall
Many thanks to Sophie at EBWPR for the invite, I was delighted to attend and learn so much about my skin. I look forward to coming back for more treatments at this little gem!! 

Eudelo, 63 Bondway, London, SW8 1SJ