Thursday, 17 November 2016

My 7th Heaven

Every couple of weeks I've learnt to treat myself to me time - to forget about everything around me, all the stress and to practice mindfulness. During that time I sit back and relax with a good face mask to remove any surface blackheads and any built up impurities within my pores.

I've never been an active user of face masks, as I suffer with eczema and I've always been afraid that face masks might break me out in rashes or blisters. But 7th Heaven has been 'heaven' on my skin, since I've used it !! 

7th Heaven caters for a great range of skin concerns such as dry/oil and combination skin. So far I'm loving all their face masks, especially as my sensitive skin feels amazing, soothing and the product smells great too. 

The Charcoal Masque is by far my favourite face mask - The key ingredients are charcoal powder, walnut shell and black lava. With a combination of all of these ingredients my skin gets the detox it needs as the charcoal help to absorb all the oil and impurities that have built up over time. Since I've been using this face mask my skin looks bright and feels hydrated. As it's quite a thick mask, I find that it rinses of easily with a warm wash cloth, instantly leaving my skin feeling smooth and relaxed. 

My second favourite is the Dead Sea Mud Mask - It feels so refreshing and relaxing on my skin. I've been using this mask when I feel like my skin has become quite dry and oily. The dead sea salt and seaweed work together to keep my skin super clean and less prone to blemishes. As this mask is hard drying, again, I find it's best to cleanse your face with a face towel or while you're in the shower.

Over all - I've very impressed with the face masks I've tried so far from 7th Heaven especially as it doesn't cause any irritation to my eczema skin. The packaging is very colourful and inviting, a great selection of face masks, hair masks and spa ranges etc - take a look at their website for a list of all their products

I'm looking forward to trying out their spa ranges next. 

Have you used this brand before? 
What are your favourite masks from 7th Heaven? 

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