Happy Monday!

I'm a few months too late to be blogging about this gorgeous cherry coat, but oh well, lets just say I was trialling it since Christmas! 
Coat - Debenhams

If you're ever having one of those days where you just don't know what to wear out and about running errands, then just do what I do and layer up with a timeless, classic and comfy coat. 
In the winter, I live in jeans and jumpers, but when occasion calls for something a little smarter, my easy option is to cover up on in pretty coat. If I think back to all the coats I have ever owned I've never invested in a bright coloured coat, it's always, black, navy or khaki. Although there is nothing wrong with dark coats, its nice to sometimes jazz things up and be the centre of attention sometimes. 
When I first got this coat from Debenhams - Principles by Ben de Lisi Red double breasted coat - I wasn't over the moon because I've always worn dark colour coats, never something as bright as red... only in my younger years.
But after wearing it a few times, I was surprised how many compliments I received. I accessorised this coat with a faux fur collar from New Look and it really adds a touch of elegance to this coat. 

Last weekend I was shopping in Central London, waiting to meet up with a friend and I noticed everyone was wearing dark colours apart from one lady in a pink coat - looking around I loved the fact that I looked different and stood out from the crowd... Oh, and it was so easy for my friend to spot me.. "I'm the only one in the red coat outside H&M" lol the joys! 

The fabric on this coat is beautiful, feels wonderful and I really enjoy wearing it, the pop of colour always lifts my mood on a cold morning.

Hope you have an amazing start to the week! Xx