How many of us have said “I’ll start tomorrow, or maybe next week” - If you can relate to this, don’t worry because you’re not alone! I’m one of those individuals that signs up to the gym but attend only a handful of classes *sighs* ohhh the embarrassment! 

At the moment I’m in-between wanting a hot bod and wanting a Fruit & Nut chocolate bar…. and i’m talking about the whole family size bar!!!

Between work, travelling and family - time has been tight, I get so tired travelling that I feel like that's enough of a workout in it's self. It may sound like excuses but every week feels like a stretch.

This week I went back to work after some time off and when it got to Wednesday, I felt so bad that I've just become a couch potato and done no exercise. 

So guess what I did?! I dragged my Size 5 feet to the gym and did a 45 minute HIIT work out, that 45 minutes felt like 2 hours and I'm telling you the only thing that got me through it was my Spotify Playlist!

As you can imagine after my work out I was as pink as a flamingo. Luckily I recovered quickly with The Good Guru Essential Whey Strength* in the flavour vanilla. This is honestly POWDER POWER! I’ve had other brands of protein shakes before but nothing compares to the taste and consistency of this shake, just scoop, shake and voila! 

The Good Guru Essential Whey Protein is designed to help your body stay strong and repair itself by providing you with essential amino acids. 

I loved the flavour of the vanilla protein shake it's the perfect amoutn of sweetness and the powder mixed really well with no mess and no lumps, unlike some other protein shakes I've tried, I've heard the chocolate flavour is really nice so might have to give that a try next. 
The Good Guru have a vast selection of products on their website - currently I’m also trialling the ‘Good Hair, Skin + Nails’ supplements, so I shall keep you updated on that also, but so far so good! 

The boost i got from shake was just what I needed to repair my body after my workout.  

Would I take it again? Definitely! 

The Essential Whey 1kg jar is priced at £24.95 on The Good Guru website.

Why not have a look at The Good Guru's website and tell me which one of their products you want to try. 

Also do you have any tip to stay motivated at the gym? 

The Girl in The City
*For full disclosure purposes, I received these products from The Good Guru for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.