Everyone knows what a security camera does and how important it is to have one. When Y-Cam's PR team got in touch with me to review their Y-Cam Evo HD Wi-Fi Motion Activated Cloud Security Camera, it couldn't have been better timing as I was off to Greece within a few days. So this was the perfect hassle free product to set up in three simple sets and gave me peace of mind during my time away.   

Let’s get started…  It only takes a few minutes to set up the Y-cam. First you need to connect the usb cable to both the camera and plug socket. Then download the Y-cam app on your IOS or Android device, follow the steps on the app to create an account and voila your Y-cam should be all set up to use - literally no technical skills needed! 

Y-Cam Booklet, Y-Cam, European adapter, UK adapter, Plug, USB connector
Y-Cam App on IOS 
There are so many different types of security cameras in the market but after doing some research I noticed that the Y-Cam stands out from the crowd. This little camera is the size of a match box, so small and discreet, just what you want a security camera to be. 

Y-Cam includes many features, the most impressive one is the motion detected recording feature which then stores the recorded footage in the cloud for free for 7 days. This footage is then ready to view free of charge within 3 years - so that gives you plenty of time to have a look over any footage you wish to keep. 

Y-Cam also has a built in infrared night vision which allows it to capture any motion in the dark, so that gives your surroundings protection all round - morning and evening. 

Although the Y-Cam app only sends an alert when motion is detected you can still view on demand through live streaming on the app, as well as capturing the moment you want to record or a picture. I’ve noticed on the live streaming there is a few seconds delay as the connection is via Wi-Fi, but the product still does what it says on the box. 

Overall the Y-Cam Evo is the the perfect product for ensuring your family and friends feel safe and secure.
Y-Cam Evo is available on www.y-cam.com website for £129.99

What are your thoughts on security cameras? Have you got one? 
Will you be investing in one?


The Girl in The City


*I received this in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.