Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Can Men & Women Work Together?

The answer is quite simply 'YES' - by accepting and respecting the differences of men and women we can find great harmony with working with one another. 

With this debatable hot topic i had the opportunity to interview Andrew and Nicola - successful businesses owners of Bras and Honey Boutique and The Enchantress located in San Deigo. 

Q: I love that your company is built via two strong individuals and I'm intrigued to know how you've found the journey working together.

Andrew & Nicola:We were married in 2002 and many people said we were crazy to start our first company together in 2003. We have always worked together since we started our first company in 2003, Many people can’t understand how we can spend so much time together without arguing. It not for everyone but we would drive to work together, eat lunch together and drive home together, spend our evenings, weekends, and holidays together, but we look at the positive sides of working together on a common goal. *GOALS*

We have always been good at establishing a difference between work related issues and our home life. While it is impossible to always have the same thoughts and opinions, we take time to discuss the work issues before we reach home and then lock them away till the next day. ‘I have clocked out’ is a term we use when it’s time to relax and enjoy our time together. We have concentrated on having a large amount of social time together, whether going for a drink, meal, or holiday, so we are not always in work mode. Sometimes during these social times, we do our best brainstorming as we have relaxed sufficiently enough to discuss issues easier and are able to see a clearer picture.

We both understand the work that we do and what we are trying to achieve, so when one of us is feeling the pressure, you can be sure the other person is banging the drum for positivity, being supportive and refocusing our outlook. 

Q: Right now you sound like the absolute power couple, but do you have disagreements now and then?

Andrew & Nicola: Yes, we do have disagreements or differences of opinions from time to time but we work well at compromising and remember that it isn’t personal. This is an integral part of our work/life balance, we have set ourselves big goals for the future but things don’t always work to a plan. Being able to reassess quickly and compromise helps us to continue in our growth rather than pushing for who us right and who is wrong.

Making tough decisions is difficult, so you should have respect if someone is prepared to put their neck on the line. Nicola is very confident and great at shooting for the stars, while I can be more cautious and grounded, but we always find common ground somewhere in the middle. We recognise each of our skillsets and our personalities and while we don’t have set in stone job descriptions, we each take care of the things we are best at.
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Would you go into business with your partner or have you? I'd love to know your view on this! 

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