I often get asked.. What does 'The Girl in The City' wear? To be honest my work wear can go from extremely casual to very sleek and sophisticated. But on average I like to maintain a chic and modern vibe. 
I remember when I was on the job hunt I always thought that I had to wear conservative work outfits like shirts and suits just like a boring uniform. But after I started working I realised that work wear can be stylish, modern and daring. All you need to do is think outside the box and mix and match on trend styles with office-appropriate pieces. 

This 'Sincerely Yours' grey lace dress* from Tobi is very versatile, works perfectly for in the office especially when paired with a sleek black blazer. The elegant sleeves, simple ruffles and netted pattern lace shows the right amount of skin to balance it's graceful appearance for work wear, but at the same time it can easily be worn for a dinner date or dinner party. this my secret weapon for a day to night look.. you'll be seeing this again in a few weeks for my date night after work. 
This dress does all the talking but as always i like to add a bit of jazz to anything, so obviously I had to wear my most trusted Black Rockstud Valentino's with my mini Celine Bag, accessories from Debenhams and these bargain sunglasses from Dorothy Perkins for £3.00!!! (similar pair here) 

This is my go to piece in my wardrobe. What do you think? 
Thanks for visiting and Happy Monday!
Love, The Girl In The City xoxo

*I received this for free as part of a collaboration. I am not being paid to talk or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.