Thursday, 7 September 2017

A Little Auto Love n Care Ft. Fife Autocentre

Me and my friends are always talking about going on a road trip and how fun it would be, but what we fail to think of is the importance of making sure our car is in perfect condition and I’m not just talking about it being vacuumed and squeaky clean. The experts at Fife Autocentre* brought this to my attention with their new campaign called ‘A little Auto love n care’ - a very catchy and important campaign to maintain car safety. 

I do hope to go on a road trip soon and if you’re thinking about going, I hope some of my tips below help:
  • check the Engine
Engine Oil is the life of the car and needs a lot of TLC. It is an essential component to keep your car engine running smoothly. Before you go on a road trip you should check the oil, you want to keep a look out of how dark it is and whether it comes up to the full mark. 
  • check the Brakes
Without a doubt brakes are the most important part of your car, so it is so important to check the wear and tear damage of them. You can visually check the pad thickness and for any uneven wear.  Even after manually checking it if you’re ever ind doubt you should get it checked by a mechanic. Fife Autocentre provide a complete range of braking components with full 12 months warranty. Car brakes fitting services in Stirling can be book online at Fife Autocentre website
  • check the Battery
You’ll want to check when you your battery was last replaced and check if there is any visible acid leaks, cracks or other damage, if there is then the battery must be replaced immediately because the last thing you want is being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it can be unfortunate and you battery can die unexpectedly, but usually a new battery may last from 3 to 6 years, so if your battery is 4-5 year old, it's a good idea to have it tested before a trip and Fife Autocentre can do a free battery check on your car. 
  • check the Tyres 
Before heading off, take the time to inspect your tyres to make sure there are no tears or bulges and check your tyre pressure. It's easiest to just pop into your local garage and get your tyre pressure checked so you know it's done correctly. Something I always used to forget to check was my spare tyre. Make sure the spare tyre is in your boot, is fully inflated and that the jack, wrench, and tyre bolts are all in the boot.
I really hope you take these tips into consideration, sometimes it can be so much easier and quicker to pop into a mechanics. Fife Autocentre has become a household name since 1993 and built its business on its fantastic range of new products and services - they really do have everything you need to get you set for your adventure, so why not book a service on their website.

And lastly not that it's a necessity but you may want to give your car a good wash before you set off on your road trip!

Where would you recommend for a road trip? I'm thinking of heading to Scotland, have you been?

The Girl in The City 

*This post is in collaboration with Fife Autocentre, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!
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