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Fat Freezing Treatment at Pulse Light Clinic London

Freeze away fat? - Oh yes, this is actually a real treatment you can get done.. technology certainly has come a long way! Stubborn fat cells are something that most of us have to deal with on a regular basis, even with a good diet and exercise certain fat cells just don’t seem to budge. Fat freezing with CoolSculpting is a non-invasive liposuction alternative designed to eliminate fat cells. This treatment is designed to target fat cells in the thighs, under the chin, on the belly, back, love handles and under the bum.

Now you must be thinking - How on earth does CoolSculpting work? 

CoolSculpitng uses the technology of Cryolipolysis, which is a method of fat freezing. The simple science behind CoolSculpting is that controlled cooling can target and eliminate fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. 

Here is a short video with a bit more information about how the Fat Freezing Treatment works at Pulse Light Clinic London

The best thing about this treatment is that you can resume your daily activities following the fat freezing as CoolSculpting is completely non-surgical. However there can be redness or slight swelling but this is the smallest price you pay for an effective and safe treatment. 

Pulse Light Clinic London offers a free consultation for any treatment on their website. They have two clinics:

Bank / Liverpool Street Clinic 
0207 523 5158 
1st Floor, Peaek House, 20 East Cheap, London, EC3M 1EB
The fat freezing treatment is available at Pulse Light Clinic London near Bank/ Liverpool street station

Oxford Street / Tottenham Court Road Clinic 
0207 205 4085
5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG

Have you ever tried Fat Freezing using the CoolSculpting Treatment? What are your thoughts?

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