Okay, I know I'm biased when I say that I was the most stylish wedding guest recently, but I think I looked pretty darn good. 

Theres no one set principle for being the most stylish, the idea is just wear what you're comfortable in and what you feel confident in. When I was looking for an outfit recently for my friends wedding,  I tried on a selection of stunning dresses from ASOS, Debenhams and Boohoo but I just wasn't feeling comfortable. I can be rather stubborn at times, but I think thats just the Taurus in me, when I can't find an outfit or I don't feel like I look as good as I should, I throw my toys out the pram and back out of any plans or events .... although, luckily this doesn't happen that often. *LOL awks* Hopefully I'm not on my own here! 

So after failing to find an outfit, I had a good rummage through my wardrobe and voila, I found lots of bits I could pair together - and this ladies and gentlemen is the 'bits' I threw together to get that comfortable and confident look I was after. 

The burgundy culottes are from TopShop and I wish I found these in more colours because they are so comfortable and flexible. My burgundy top was from a small independent charity shop, they do have some great things these days. The green shawl was from Dubai, many many many years ago and this pulled the whole outfit together, with it's velvet border and intricately placed beading, making the perfect statement 

What are your thoughts on being the most stylish?
The wedding I attended was held at a beautiful location in Wiltshire called 'Winkworth Farm' - The venue and surroundings was simply stunning and the day was blessed with glorious weather which topped off the fabulous event. Congratulations Ariel & Lydia!!!