• Kayli Parsons

How She Got Here Pt. 1

You feel unsettled, you feel as though you need a change, what do you do? I will share my experience of how I navigated the job market and how I received my first job offer in NYC.

Growing up in Minnesota, I always felt unsettled, I felt as though I belonged somewhere else, somewhere more exciting.

After staying in state for college, I knew that the best time to leave would be after graduation. This past May I graduated with a marketing degree and immediately knew it was my time to leave.

With a newly earned degree and my student loans looming, I needed to find a job. I was applying to jobs in Chicago, Miami, Dallas and New York City. {More to come on my job application process & tips}. I was religiously scouring Indeed, LinkedIn, and WayUp for new job postings. It wasn’t until I sat down and completely updated my resume that I felt as though I may actually have a chance at getting an interview.

I was creating custom cover letters for each job I was applying to, I was putting open availability for them to contact me and I even had a sentence in my resume that said “I am only looking for out of state positions and will cover my own moving expenses.” While you may want to try to negotiate moving expenses, for my first position post-graduation in a completely different state, I new that I had little negotiating power - the job market is competitive and if you are serious about landing a new job in a completely new city - you have to be willing to give a little to make your resume stand out.

There are over 8 million people in NYC - why should they pick you? Differentiating yourself is key.


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