• Kayli Parsons

Making the Move, Pt. 1

Here is everything you’ll need when moving from place to place in NYC.

Moving from place to place in NYC is expensive and stressful. Whether you’re in an elevator doorman building, or you're on the top floor of a walkup - moving in New York City is expensive.

My biggest tip to people moving from one place to the next in the city is to hire movers who are fast and reasonably priced.

Being that I had just moved from MN to NYC, I had never moved within the city before so I immediately reached out to people I know who’ve had and asked what moving company they used. While it may seem like an insignificant decision, the moving company you use is vital to how long the job will take, the quality of your furniture when it arrives, and the final price you will have to pay.

I moved from an elevator doorman building on 23rd to a fifth floor walkup on 14th. While the two apartments were close, I had a whole room of furniture that needed to be moved and carried up five flights of stairs. I used 7 Stars Moving, this is their phone number:


Their rate depends on the building and where you’re moving to and from, but their rate tends to run about $100/hour with a two hour minimum. They took apart my bed frame, wrapped all of my furniture, drove it to my new place and put my bed back together. It took four guys and less than two hours to complete the job - with tip it was under $400 for the whole job - I was impressed.

If you're moving in the city, be prepared to spend some money.

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