• Kayli Parsons

Making the Move, Pt. 2

Here is everything you’ll need to know when moving to NYC from out-of-state.

The Fun Part: Decorating

Luckily for me, I moved from my parent’s place to NYC. Though it is expensive to buy all new furniture, it’s nice to start fresh and have it all delivered directly to your place. If you can, I would highly recommend starting out this way.

Amazon was my saving grace. With thousands of options at my fingertips, I was able to completely furnish my apartment from my bed frame and desk, to even my pizza cutter.

It was easy and they offer fast, almost always, free delivery. This was incredibly beneficial as I didn’t have to deal with movers or renting a Uhaul. If I had relied on using furniture from Minnesota, it would've added additional costs and a surplus of other obstacles I can’t even begin to imagine.

Check out some of my favorites that make my stylish studio feel like home:

  • Floor Lamp: This lamp was the first piece I bought for my new place. I love the gold and the lights give me major Hollywood glam. I put it together myself and have never had a problem with it! I highly recommend it!

  • Bed Frame: I chose this bed frame because I wanted a very neutral toned room with pops of gold! This bedframe is great and I had my ex put it together for me so I didn’t have to pay someone to! **Remember to know the space of your room, most NYC rooms are tight so a full bed is usually the way to go in order to maximize your space.

  • Bed Bug Mattress Cover: Bedbugs are not as common anymore in NYC but I had a scare - so I definitely recommend purchasing one of these!

  • Desk: I was trying to find a vanity but most of them were too expensive, so I opted for a cute desk with two drawers and a magnified mirror to serve as both a WFH desk and a vanity.

  • Gold Magnified Mirror: This is the mirror I have on my desk and I love it. It features a great gold finish that ties in with the other gold accents in the space. The mirror also has a magnified side to help you to see all of those pores.

  • Makeup Shelf: This is a cute two-tier shelf that I have on my desk. I put everything from perfume to hairspray on it. It’s cute and very functional, you could put this anywhere in your home.

  • Clothing Rack: I love a good clothing rack because I love being able to see my clothes. In NYC you really have to maximize your space as some rooms may not even have a closet so a clothing rack is a must.

  • Velvet Blush Hangers: I wanted my hangers to make a statement. These blush hangers with rose gold hardware are adorable and not too expensive for the amount you get.

  • Dish Scrubber: This is a life saver if you don’t have a dishwasher. I currently don’t, so take my word for it.

  • Pizza Cutter: When getting everything you need for your apartment, don’t forget the little things. Trying to cut a pizza without a pizza cutter is a struggle.

Amazon was a lifesaver when moving from Minnesota to New York City. I was able to furnish my entire apartment, with cute furniture, at a low cost. The quality is good and it gives you the flexibility to upgrade in the future.

The Less Fun Part: Logistics

My first apartment in NYC featured a doorman and elevator so that was extremely helpful. As my packages were delivered, the doorman would put them in the back room and then I could use the elevator to bring everything up! Obviously having a walk-up would have made this process a little more difficult, but at least everything would be packaged and would be easy to carry.

A little fact about me: I am not very handy, so TaskRabbit was essential.

TaskRabbit is an app where you can hire anyone for anything - I hired someone to come build my desk for me for less than $70. You can find people to help you put your bed together, build your desk or even hang your pictures.

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