• Kayli Parsons

The Single Girl in the City

A beginner's guide to navigating the crazy life of a single girl in New York City.

Whether you're getting drinks in Soho or taking a stroll down Stone Street, dating in NYC can be fun but it's far from easy. Meeting someone organically here can be very difficult. My friends and I have yet to go on a date with someone that we haven't met off of an app. This doesn't mean that it's impossible, but it has proven to be very difficult to casually meet someone in a bar and make a real connection.

So like any single woman should, I started with the basics: Hinge and Bumble. I personally don't use Tinder but some of my friends swear by it; the more the merrier!

Tip 1: Be strategic about your age-range and location.

Your age range should reflect what you're looking for. If you want someone a little more established, who will take you on a proper date, think about setting your age range a little older. If you're looking for casual fun, maybe set it to your age or even a little younger. Also, your location matters here. It sounds snobby but it's true. Be strategic about where you set your location and who you're looking to attract.

Tip 2: Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. There are millions of people in NYC so you definitely have options.

Treat your dating profile as you would your Instagram. Highlight certain aspects of yourself through photos and prompts; use those tools as a way to market yourself to the people you're trying to attract.

I can admit I've had a few cringy dates, but I've also had a few great dates and was able to see some amazing places throughout the city. One of the best things about dating here is being able to explore; there is so much of the city that can go unnoticed.

Tip 3: Have fun but be safe. While there are great guys in the city, there are also total creeps so keep your guard up and meet in a public place.

With that, there is a new app called Thursday, it’s a dating app that hosts in-person events for singles throughout the city on Thursdays. Each week they announce which bar they will be hosting at, so people from the app can meet in real life. I personally have never tried it, but a few of my friends have and really liked it. If you're someone who hates "app-dating" this may be a great option for you. It's also a safer option in a controlled environment, but like any date, make sure to keep your guard up and be aware of your surroundings.

Tip 4: It's not you.

As I mentioned in my previous post, New York City can be a difficult place to cultivate meaningful relationships. Be authentic, and respect yourself and what you want. If you're looking for something serious, be upfront about that. A lot of people here are focused on their careers so they may only be interested in something fun and casual. If you're looking for more, go on a few dates and see what you like / don’t like about each experience. This will help you tailor your dates in the future.

There are over 8 million people in New York City, so take your time and explore your options.


Here are a few great date spots to check out:

  1. Rosemary's - East Village

  2. BOBO - West Village

  3. Isabelle's - Flatiron / Gramercy

ps. I didn't mention Raya, it's basically the dating app equivalent of "who do you know here?" In order to access the app, you have to be approved. I don't have access but if you know someone who does - they should be able to help you get approved!

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